Beavers Celebrate Chinese New Year

Beavers Celebrate Chinese New Year – The Year of the ‘Pig’

The Beavers celebrated Chinese New Year 2019, the twelfth sign of the Chines Zodiac, with dressing up and tasting various delicious Chinese dishes, cooked by Chefs, ABSL, Hazel and Norman Rider. The Beavers were greeted by BSL, Cherry in Chinese, “Nǐ hǎo” and they said their opening in Chinese too.

Then they played Chinese dragon boat games with Ash and Cherry before sitting down to taste and eat delightful food such as; fresh noodles, vegetable rice, egg rice, sweet & sour chicken, spring onions, spring rolls & prawn crackers. They even tried eating with chopsticks which was a challenge for some but still great fun!

The Beavers also covered various badge work such as their International, Cook & Healthy Eating.
They all had a wonderfully interesting and educational international evening and thanked the Leaders and Norman, then said a Chinese good night, “Zàijiàn” to everyone.

North Devon Carnival

North Devon Carnival Saturday 22nd September 2018

5th North Devon (Bishops Tawton) Scout Group

The float was divided into two sections divided by a Cenotaph built by a parent and decorated by leaders and children of the group with Red and White Poppies.

At one end was a poster that showed images of relative of members in the group that participated in any conflict or is member of the armed forces. At this end the leaders and children were dressed in WW1 civilian clothing and celebrated the end of the war.

Our theme was the commemoration of the end of WW1 – 1914 – 1918

At the other end was a scene depicting a WW1 hospital scene with the leaders dressed in WW1 uniform or WW1 nurses uniform.

Everyone sung and danced to songs of the 1914 – 1918 era and when the last post was played everybody stood to attention and saluted to the cenotaph.

We took 1st place in “Best in Class” and “Best Float”

A big thanks to all involved and those that helped over the many weeks and on the day to build the float and make the costumes.